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The Balearic Islands are leaders in the national charter market, followed by Catalonia and the Valencian Community. The recreational craft market continues to grow and as the end of the year is approaching, the increase in the number of boat registrations is documented at 9.7%. In Spain, 5,929 pleasure yachts have been registered during the eleven months of 2019 compared to that of 5,403 registered in the same period last year.

In previous years, the nautical market has shown a trend for decline after the summer season. We observe this year, this trend, has changed for the positive.

By lengths, the segment between 8 and 12 meters experiences the greatest growth by 40.8%. The segment of up to 6 meters also grows by 10.4%, where the total of 4,153 vessels compared to 3,762 are registered in the same period last year and remain with the largest market share of 70%. The registrations of jet skis have grown by 13.1% (1,553 records), motorboats have grown by 10% (2,556 registrations) and remain in the highest demand of all vessels (43.1% of the total market). Folding inflatable dinghies have also grown by 14.6% and sailboat registrations continue to grow steadily, so far this year they have experienced an increase of 33.9%. Ribs mark the negative result and lose -7.6% of registered units to comparative years.

The growth in numbers of registered boats for charter has increased by 3.4%, where 1541 boats were registered this year in comparison to 1490 registered in 2018. In the period between January-November 2019, the charter market is led by the Balearic Islands with a 24.3%, Catalonia is in second position with 23.5% and the Valencian Community occupies third place with 17.8%,

This data has been collected in the report of the pleasure craft market (January-November 2019), edited by ANEN from the data provided by the General Directorate of the Merchant Marine.

Source: Gaceta Náutica