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Club de Vela has received the authorization to manage a total of 74 buoys for anchoring in the harbour area between the sea wall and the so-called Moll Nou in Port Andratx. The objective of this temporary authorization is “order and regulate” the moorings in the port of Andratx and eradicate the exploitation of ‘dead’ companies and individuals who have been operating illegally for years. The Club de Vela will offer, in addition to their own buoys (installation and maintenance), the services of transfer to ashore, collecting garbage, supply weather information and offer other services. The moorings are distributed in two areas. In the North, closer to the Club area, 44 buoys are installed while the 30 remaining are placed in the South shore.

Prices per day and buoy ranging between 8 euros for a ship of 6 meters and 50 Euros for a 20 meter. In the low season prices will be significantly lower (11.50 euro per day for a boat of 12 meters). These rates, however, do not include the G5 rate of sports boats, which the Ports IB charge the Club de Vela for all boats that bind to the buoys. The temporary authorization of the Balearic Government established a canon of more than 16,000 Euros and placed some conditions, as it is required to reserve 18 buoys for boats registered Lista 6A (charter). As well as allow the reserve for online reservation via a platform, which has preference by the Club de Vela. At the Moll Nou is a pontoon of 60 meters is installed, for the boats to give service to the field of buoys and other services. Online reservations for buoys can be made via the Government of the Balearic Islands portal http://fondeos.caib.es/