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New-building project finished – Puffin 50 commissioned. We are proud of having introduced last year a Spanish client to VMG Yachtbuilders in the Netherlands for the sale of a new-building project for a Puffin 50. In cooperation with Naval Architect Olivier van Meer, the aluminum hull has been constructed by Habbeke Shipyard in the Netherlands and the total building period took one year. As a result, the yard VMG Yachtbuilders delivered this month the Puffin 50 ‘Jaleo’ to its new captain. She will set sail for a trip along the Iberian coasts and Balearic Islands with her owner. We congratulate the captain and her proud owner of the ‘Jaleo’ and wish them safe and enjoyable trips.

If you are interested to purchase or view a Puffin 50, we have a Puffin 50 for sale.