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Whites International Yachts is delighted to announce that we will participate in its award-winning and highly successful Brokers Village on the Barcelona Boat Show from 7 – 15 November 2009. This innovative concept brings yacht & motor boat brokerage to boat shows, creating a buzzing marketplace for boat buyers to find out what we have for sale today. Here is how it works;

(a) We will be presenting our best listings on the Brokers Village, mounted on high-quality professional display boards with our corporate logo.

(b) All of our listings will be displayed on the site of Yacht Brokerage Village, which is the site buyers will be searching at the Barcelona Boat Show.

(c) Buyers interested in one of our boats will be given a full specification in return for their contact details.

(d) Our space on the Brokers Village includes a full-page advert in the YachtWorld Magazine which will be widely available throughout the show, as well as distributed to its regular audience of 20,000 readers across Europe and the USA

(e) …and best of all, the Brokers Village will be manned by experienced and knowledgeable staff from YachtWorld and of course ourselves!

You are welcome to visit us. We will represent the sale of our boats on the stand in the same professional way as we do on Mallorca via our office, the web or printed magazines.