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Whites International Yachts developed in house a new website in cooperation with Hudson Creative Design, featuring all their international listings, integrated in a CMS database. We use innovative and the latest software, which facilitates user-friendly editing and allows us to continually update and develop the site every minute of the day.

The previous site already was High Ranked and Search Engine Optimized, but needed a new fresh layout, updated Scripts, SSL certified, improved multilingual Pages and Responsive (mobile friendly) build. Our new website Whites Yachts still can be found on the first page of many top search engines. It is set up with simplicity in mind, as everybody can easily find what he or she is looking for. Also new are the highlighted Testimonials, Sliders, Quick Search function combined and an Archive. Better Featured Yachts disposure and a nice Photo Gallery with Category selection. The multilingual pages in French, German, English, Spanish and of course Dutch language, still will serve our international client’s needs.

Boat owners considering selling are invited to offer their yacht to us with no obligation. You can start to fill out the free valuation price guide form on the Selling Page of our new website.