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A lot of our international clients look at adverts for boats for sale on the internet and ask us, why the prices of boats in the USA appear to be much cheaper than here in Europe. Be aware, you cannot compare USA yachts for sale prices with Europe yachts for sale prices. You have to add additional cost on top of the price of boats offered in the USA, to get them in Europe. 1. EU legislation, any boat needs to have a CE mark whether it is constructed in Europe or imported for personal use to Europe unless it was in the EU before 1998. You need to be able to prove this, if it is of foreign manufacture. See below our earlier news about RCD compliance.

  1. Check engine CE requirements, generally speaking, American engines are built to higher emission standards than European standards
  2. VAT has to be paid in Europe.
  3. Import duty.
  4. Transport costs on own keel or via a shipping company.
  5. Change 110 Voltage to 230 Voltage and 32 Voltage to 24 Voltage on board.
  6. Be aware of all guarantees and servicing of the equipment on board.
  7. All the involved needed paperwork.
  8. The mortgage status and deletion of the mortgage upon completion is more complicated.

Hope this frequently asked question guidance about importing a boat from USA into Europe is helpful for you.